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Our passion is providing excellent care for dogs and cats at Eagleson Veterinary Clinic, a committed veterinarian clinic in Kanata. Our dedication to forging long-lasting bonds with pet owners is as significant as the top-notch medical treatment we give their cherished animals. We aim to treat pets with the highest skill and care since we recognize that they are an essential family component.

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Who We Are

Eagleson Veterinary Clinic opened its doors in the autumn of 2018, focusing on routine treatment and the odd urgent care situation. We plan to open a veterinary clinic that delivers personalized care and promotes confidence between pet owners and our medical staff. Our team has expanded, allowing us to provide more services and meet the needs of over 20,000 families. Today, we proudly offer 24-hour care for our community’s animals, ensuring they receive the attention and medical treatment they require when needed. Contact the clinic immediately to become a part of our caring community and benefit from our dedicated service.

Quality Pet Healthcare Solutions

At Eagleson Veterinary Clinic, we take great satisfaction in giving your cherished pets the best care possible. Our extensive services include orthopedic surgery, dental treatment, preventative medicine, innovative in-house diagnostics, and 24-hour emergency care. Our skilled staff ensures your dogs receive the best care tailored to their specific requirements. We retain a dedication to offering cutting-edge treatments and upholding the most recent advancements in veterinarian care. As an AAHA and CVO-recognized clinic, we meet and exceed high requirements for veterinary excellence. These certifications indicate our commitment to your dogs' welfare as we work to foster a friendly and caring atmosphere where they may receive the first-rate treatment they need.

Hearts of our Practice

The dedicated and compassionate staff at Eagleson Veterinary Clinic consists of veterinarians, managers, veterinary technicians, veterinary assistants, client service representatives, and kennel attendants. To find out more about our personnel, kindly visit the link. Together, we invest a lot of work into giving your cherished family members exceptional care and creating a welcoming environment for dogs and their owners.