Eagleson Veterinary Clinic

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500-46 & 500-58 Eagleson Road, Kanata, ON K2M 1H4


Veterinary Clinic

500-46 & 500-58 Eagleson Road, Kanata, ON K2M 1H4

Meet The Team

Our team strives to promote the well-being of all pets. Out of a commitment to each patient’s unique needs, we aim to utilize the latest advancements in veterinary medicine and to constantly improve our standard of care.

Our Staff

At Eagleson Vet Clinic, we understand that your pet is a valued member of your family and that you want the best possible care for them. That’s why we are proud to introduce you to our team of experienced veterinarians and staff, all of whom are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical care for your beloved pets.

Our team is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest advancements in veterinary medicine and to offering personalized, compassionate care to each and every one of our patients. We believe in the importance of building strong relationships with our clients and their pets, and we take the time to listen to your concerns and answer any questions you may have.


Our team of highly trained veterinarians is highly educated in modern veterinary medicine. They attend seminars and training to expand their knowledge. Our vets are the best at diagnosing and treating whatever medical questions you might have regarding your animals. Trust them with your pets’ lives.


Our management team has their hands full, ensuring that all of your needs are met. Their dedication to providing you with the best possible experience during your visit is top-notch, so don’t hesitate to contact them with questions or concerns.


As you walk through our hospital, you will see a team of amazing and dedicated vet technicians that are very hard at work. They are amazing, selfless people who work tirelessly to ensure your pet is cared for and safe during their stay with us. Our technician team is the heart of our facility, providing unending love and attention to every patient we take in. We are very lucky to have them!


If not for these hard-working members of our veterinary staff, we would not have been able to help as many animals in need. They ensure that our vet technicians have time to rest, so they can continue providing the best treatment possible for your furry baby.


Our vet receptionist will help reduce your stress when bringing your pet to see us. They are the first people with whom you will interact at our facility. They greet you over the phone, upon entering and on departure. They will also schedule your appointments and answer basic questions to make sure you are prepared for what happens next.

Join Our Team

Vet medicine is a rewarding and growing field. With the need for quality vet medicine staff, we are always looking for new team members to join our team. We provide training in all available positions by top-quality senior staff members. vet medicine benefits include on-call vet medical care, discount on vet medicine and food, human health care benefits, and easy-to-get raises. Click here to fill out our online form today!