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Meet the Veterinarians

Explore all of Eagleson Veterinary Clinic’s experienced veterinarians dedicated to providing the best possible care for your cherished pets. Our veterinarians offer exceptional medical expertise while employing the most recent advances in veterinary medicine. Learn more about the caring professionals committed to your pets’ health and happiness. Discover the remarkable veterinarians at Eagleson Veterinary Clinic and their passion for animal well-being today!

Dr. Ammar

Veterinarian/Owner of Practice

Dr. Mohamed Ammar is a highly skilled veterinarian with a passion for small animal surgery and emergency medicine...

Dr. Arnold

Veterinarian/Medical Director

The Veterinary Medical Director of Eagleson Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Scott Arnold, is essential in overseeing medical operations...

Dr. Alramady


Meet Dr. Ahmed Alramady, affectionately known as Dr. Grey, a seasoned veterinary professional with an alma mater at Cairo University, Egypt, class of 2006.

Dr. Adbelrahman


Dr. Abdelrahman is a passionate and dynamic team member, always striving to stay current with the latest in diagnostics and treatments...

Dr. Elghoboshy



Dr. Franco


Dr. Franco is a vet and lifelong animal lover who adores her four cats, Penny, Agatha, Nala, and Nicholas...

Dr. Gamal



Dr. Lo


Dr. Melissa Lo, an esteemed graduate of the Ontario Veterinary College in 2015, brings a wealth of expertise with 8 years of experience...

Dr. Loi


The team is fortunate to have Dr. Kinman Loi on board as a vital team member and veterinarian with expertise in companion animals...

Dr. Med

Overnight Veterinarian

Hi, my name is Mohamed, I am Egyptian born now a proud Canadian. My love for animals started at a young age...

Dr. Maher


Dr. Boules Maher Ramzy Henin, a distinguished alumnus of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Assiut University...

Dr. Mohamed Nasr


Dr. Mohamed Nasr, a valued team member, contributes his enthusiasm for veterinary medicine and friendly professionalism to our clinic...

Dr. Othman


Dr. Hazem Ahmed Othman, a distinguished member of our veterinary team, brings a broad range of experience...

Dr. Pulman


Dr. Pulman graduated from the Atlantic Veterinary College, in Prince Edward Island, in 2012...

Dr. Radwan



Dr. Ramtahal


Dr. Adrian R. Ramtahal, a dedicated veterinarian with a rich educational background...

Dr. Verbickas


Dr. Dennis Verbickas is a 2004 graduate of Ontario Veterinary College. With 14 years of experience in small animal practice...

Dr. Yacyshyn


Meet Dr. Orisha Yacyshyn, a dedicated veterinary professional with a decade of experience in emergency medicine. Since graduating from Guelph University...

Our Support Staff

Our dedicated team at Eagleson Veterinary Clinic is composed of passionate individuals, all committed to the health and well-being of your pets. Our Managers keep the clinic running smoothly and ensure that we consistently provide excellent service. Supervisors oversee all operations, making sure everything runs according to plan. Our friendly Receptionists are the first point of contact and are always ready to assist with appointments and queries. Veterinary Technicians work directly with our vets to expedite your pet’s recovery, while Veterinary Assistants provide valuable support, ensuring every detail is noticed. Lastly, our Kennel Attendants care for your pets during their stay, offering a comfortable and clean environment. Every team member is vital in delivering the highest quality care for your pets at Eagleson Veterinary Clinic. Please explore the links below to learn more about our dedicated staff.

Join Our Team

Veterinary medicine is a rewarding and expanding field. In response to the growing need for exceptional veterinary medicine professionals, we continually search for dedicated individuals to join our dynamic team. We provide training in all available positions by senior staff members of the highest calibre. On-call vet medical care, discounts on vet medicine and food, human health care benefits, and easy-to-get raises are among the vet medicine benefits. Please fill out our online form today by clicking here!