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Adult and Senior Pet Wellness

Your adult or senior pet will need special care to enjoy a happy healthy life. At Eagleson Veterinary Clinic, we strive to provide high quality care focus mainly on client education and early diagnosis of diseases. To achieve that goal, we provide the following during annual checkups:

Vaccinations: We will tailor a vaccine protocol that takes into account your pet’s age and lifestyle.

Full physical examination: We conduct a thorough physical examination looking at areas like the mouth, skin, abdomen to assess for lumps, fluid or abnormal structures.

Fecal / Parasite examination: prevention and treatment wit proper diagnosis and medicine

Heartworm Disease: testing and prevention of heartworm disease

Fleas prevention and treatment with veterinary labeled safe and effective products.

We might run diagnostics as blood and urine analysis or x-rays to help early diagnose health issues and design a proper plan to cure it.

Common health problems of senior pets include:

Arthritis: a common joint disease that is uncomfort and slows down your pet and affect their life quality.

Under or overactive thyroid glands: Treating thyroid problems are typically quite simple and can dramatically improve your pet’s quality of life.

Overweight or underweight:  We can tailor a proper weight management plan for your pet to help manage and maintain a lean body weight

House Calls: We will drive to visit your pets at home either for routine vaccines visits, for examining a sick pet or for humane euthanasia at the comfort of their  home to help avoid stress of car ride or visiting a new place.

Microchipping: Eagleson Veterinary Clinic offers permanent identification through microchipping that would be registered strictly for your pet.

Boarding and grooming services: Our facility offers pet hotel for your beloved pets as well we offer grooming services for dogs and cats.


Saying Goodbye to Your Beloved Pet

Euthanasia is a selfless option made by caring owners to humanely relieve suffering or pain when a pet is very unwell or suffering from an incurable disease or doesn’t have a good life quality. We understand that the moment of saying goodbye to your best buddy could be hard, so we designed a special comfort room used for the procedure of humane euthanasia with design and furniture that were carefully selected to help owners and pets go through this hard time. Our compassionate and caring team will always do whatever possible to help during that hard time. A consult with our team will be available to help owners understand the procedure and the medicine used and for aftercare of their beloved pets.

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