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Homepage Anesthesia and Monitoring

Pre-operative blood work: After a pre-surgical exam is performed, we take a quick blood sample and send it across to our in-house laboratory for testing. This testing is performed to ensure your pet is healthy enough for surgery.

Sedation:  If the bloodwork is considered normal, we administer a sedative to relax your pet, and decrease the amount of anesthetic that is required during surgery.

Pain Management: Pets feel pain just like we do, for that we consider this step one of the most important in any of our surgical procedures.  Pain is controlled through the entire surgery and medication is also sent home post-surgery to ensure the comfort of your pet.

Intra-venous fluids are part of our surgical procedures, as intravenous catheters provide us with an access to administer drugs in emergency situations while the fluids ensure a pet’s blood pressure is maintained in a healthy range
throughout surgery.

Our highly skilled team administers an anesthetic that is tailored to an individual’s pet needs.  Each patient based on their breed, age, size and health status, is unique, and the anesthetic utilized must reflect this to ensure a safe outcome.  Your pet is monitored by a registered veterinary technician who utilizes the most up to date monitoring equipment through every step of your pet’s surgery.



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