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Accepting New Clients

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Accepting New Clients

A 24-Hour Vet Clinic that Cares for Our Expanding Clientele

Over 20,000 pet families have benefited from Eagleson Veterinary Clinic’s services since we first opened in September 2018, and that figure is growing daily. As a 24-hour veterinary clinic, we enjoy offering the best care possible for the animals in our neighbourhood.

Becoming a Client

It’s easy to sign up as a client at Eagleson Veterinary Clinic. You need to call our clinic, and one of our client care representatives will ask you a few questions to learn more about you and your pet. We can schedule an appointment for your pet once we get your information.

Scheduling Appointments

We let pet owners make a medical appointment when they need one. Regarding routine exams, pet owners can schedule them up to four weeks in advance. Whether it’s an emergency or just time for a checkup, our setup ensures we can treat your pet quickly.

Join our growing family of happy pet owners by calling today and take advantage of the compassionate, first-rate care Eagleson Veterinary Clinic provides.