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Dentistry Services

A regular dental check-up for your pet allows us to recognize problems early and prevent dental disease such as gingivitis, abscesses, tooth loss and decay, bone infections, tooth/bone fractures.

Dental disease can significantly decrease pet’s life quality and expectancy.  At Eagleson Veterinary Clinic, we strive to keep your pets in excellent dental health.

General dental diseases of dogs and cats include one or more of the following conditions: Gingivitis, Dental abscesses, Tooth loss, Pain, Liver disease, Kidney disease and Bone infection

General signs of dental disease might include the following: Bad breath, Reluctant chewing, Increased salivation, Unusual pawing at the face

Bleeding gums, Missing and/or loose teeth, Increased tartar buildup and swollen gums and bad breath. If you find any of these signs, please call us today to book a dental consult for your pet

The most important part of successful dental hygiene is prevention. Implementing a preventative dental program is very simple yet extremely rewarding. From special diets, treats, tooth brushing to routine dental cleanings, pets may never have to experience the pain and feeling of illness associated with dental disease.

At Eagleson Veterinary Clinic, we will help you keep your beloved ones teeth healthy and avoid any dental disease, for that we focus first on owners education, we walk you through different steps of home dental care, we also offer special diets and treats and we will perform dental exam as pert of our full consult exam and advise you on the current dental health condition of your pet and guide you through a helpful plan of care. Dental cleaning under general anesthesia is routinely performed and we use digital dental x-rays to rule out any underlying dental problems and help fix them before they become more complicated.

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