As loving pet owners, we always hope our pets remain happy, healthy, and safe. But, just like humans, animals can also have sudden health problems. Knowing what to expect from your veterinary clinic can be a lifesaver. Although Eagleson Veterinary Clinic is not classified as an emergency vet, we prioritize and accept emergency cases to ensure your pets receive fast, reliable care when it’s most critical.

Preparing for an Emergency Visit

In an ideal scenario, calling ahead will allow our team to prepare for your pet’s arrival without rushing. This helps ensure your pet gets the most focused and effective care possible during a difficult time. However, we understand that emergencies can be unpredictable, and there might only sometimes be time to call.

Immediate Treatment and Triage

Once you arrive at Eagleson Veterinary Clinic, your pet is immediately rushed to the treatment area. Our client care specialists will escort you to a private room, ensuring a calm environment amidst the urgency. While our skilled team works on stabilizing your pet, a veterinarian support staff member will discuss the situation with you. This triage process helps us understand your pet’s background, current condition, and symptoms, all vital information we relay back to the veterinarian for immediate treatment.

Following the initial response, the veterinarian will speak with you about further treatment options and plans. Your input and understanding are crucial, as we value the partnership between our professionals and pet owners in decision-making.

Hospitalization and Cost

In cases where hospitalization is required, we generate an estimate for you to review, sign, and pay before proceeding with advanced treatment. We understand that unexpected veterinary costs can be a concern, so we strive to be transparent about all charges. While we don’t offer payment plans at our facility, we partner with PetCard for those needing financial assistance in dire situations.

Aftercare and Home Recovery

Our vets will offer a thorough, specific care plan once your pet is prepared to return home. These guidelines are intended to make at-home care as easy to understand and efficient as feasible. Additionally, our staff is always available to address your queries or worries.

Understanding Veterinary Emergencies

It’s important to know that emergency vet clinics sometimes have long wait times, especially for situations that don’t require immediate attention. However, recognizing critical emergencies can help expedite the process. Here are five typical vet emergencies that need immediate attention:

  • Severe trauma, including accidents like being hit by a car
  • Difficulty breathing or cessation of breath
  • Seizures, especially if they’re prolonged or repeated
  • Suspected poisoning or ingestion of a foreign object
  • Any sign of extreme pain, such as continuous whining or aggression


Despite not being a dedicated emergency vet facility, Eagleson Veterinary Facility recognizes the necessity and value of offering prompt attention in crises. Your pet will receive care from our devoted and sympathetic team when it counts.

Never hesitate to seek quick help if you believe your beloved pets are in danger of their health. When handling potential pet crises, it’s best to be safe than sorry. After all, they rely on us to care for them in good times and bad.

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