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Eagleson Veterinary clinic is equipped with full in-house diagnosis equipment including digital full body and dental x-rays, in-house lab to perform all kinds of blood and urine analysis. In case required, we will call in a specialist to perform further diagnostics such as chest and abdomen ultrasound, heart echocardiograph, scope procedures to help diagnose and treat your pet for a full recovery. We will use an outside laboratory to perform further specialized testing if needed to reach the most accurate diagnosis and treat your pet properly

We strongly believe that a successful outcome must be based on a proper diagnosis and designed treatment plan. We also strongly believe in follow-ups and we honour a recheck for all sick pets to have a second full consult and ensure they become their normal healthy selves again and address any concerns and answer any questions owners might have. Phone consults are available anytime from your convenient home in case you have any questions related to the health of your pet

Other medicine services include heart disease diagnosis and care. Hormonal or metabolic disease and life term and chronic illness such as diabetes, kidney or liver diseases and arthritis. We strive to improve the life quality of your pet to its most through top-notch diagnosis and medicine plan that suits your pets needs and help them enjoy their life at its best.

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