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Lola is a young golden retriever who ate something she was not supposed to. Between the doctors and the owner we had suspicions that Lola possibly ate a sock. 

We hospitalize Lola to figure out what is going and see if we could fix the issue. We starting with a barium swallow, which is a liquid we give to the patient and we take a series of x-rays to determine if the liquid is passing through the gastrointestinal tract or if it is being blocked by something.

The x-rays showed something blocking the liquid from passing through the stomach to the intestines. We prepared her for surgery to get the obstruction out as soon as possible. 

Once we were in surgery we located the issue and it turns out that Lola ate a small mouse toy! We were all very surprised to see this toy come from Lola.

After her recovery from surgery she went home with her family and is doing very well. She wont be eating anything but food from now on!


Another Cystotomy! 

Carruso is a chihuahua who presented with having trouble urinating. Along with other diagnostics we determined that he had urinary bladder stones that were causing him some pain and trouble urinating. 

We placed a urinary catheter before heading to surgery to remove the stones. Carruso formed two nearly identical uroliths in his urinary bladder that resemble a pair of earrings! We flushed the bladder to ensure there were no more stones hiding in there before we closed.

Carruso is healing well at home and feeling much better having these stones out of him.


Lexi is a 10 year old Labrador retriever who came to us with a history of bladder stones and was put on a urinary diet.  On palpation of the urinary bladder there were uroliths big enough to feel! 

We took x-rays and noted there were multiple varying sizes of stones in the bladder that would need surgery to remove. We scheduled Lexi in for a cystotomy procedure with Dr. G and technician Courtney, we were able to extract 2 urine containers full of uroliths from the urinary bladder. The uroliths were sent out to be analysed by the lab. 

Lexi recovered well from the surgery and is a much happier dog without the presence of the stones!


Kaylee presented to us with several dog bite wounds. There were punctures to her face, neck, right ear,near the right eye, elbow, and chest inlet areas. After discussion about that state of the wounds it was decided to sedate Kaylee to clip and clean all the puncture wounds. 

They were flushed with sterile saline and explored by palpation. Antibiotics were administered to her as well as pain medications and was sent home to monitor the wounds. At the follow up appointment she was healing well with no complications with any of the wounds! She had lots of energy and was back to her normal self.


B.B the pug came to us as she was having difficulty getting up and was having some bloody diarrhea, and had blood in her urine as well. She had a history of UTI’s and she is also diabetic. We got permission to do take radiographs of her along with blood work and a full urinalysis. The radiographs did not show anything very concerning yet the urinalysis showed that she did have a urinary tract infection. After discussion with the doctor and owners B.B stayed in hospital for supportive care. She was put on IV fluids and antibiotics as well as pain medications. During her stay with us she became more alert and responsive, she ate her food with ease and she did not have any diarrhea while at the clinic. B.B ended up being diagnosed with Hypoglycemia, pancreatitis, and ketoacidosis. At her 10 day follow up she was doing very well and had lots of energy just like she never lost it!


Meet Bailey! 

He came in as he was having difficulty urinating and was painful. Dr. Ammar examined him and Baileys bladder was enlarged and firm which corresponded to the symptoms of not being able to pass any urine. We did in-house blood work and radiographs  which showed an enlarged bladder and stones that were causing the obstruction. Bailey was sedated and we placed a urinary catheter which allowed access to the bladder to express it and to unblock him. Bailey was then prepped for a cystotomy surgery to remove the stones from the urinary bladder. The stones have been sent to the lab for analysis. Recheck radiographs were taken to ensure everything was removed. Bailey continued to stay on intravenous supportive care after the surgery and went home the next day with a new urinary diet.

He recovered very well is happy  to be in the comfort of his own home. 


Daisy is an 11 year old springer spaniel that presented to us with an emergency situation.  After eating a full meal in the evening she was feeling ill and was drooling excessively, as well as trying to vomit with no success. Her abdomen was distended and on palpation we discovered a possible enlarged spleen. The staff took radiographs of Daisy’s abdomen as soon as possible, which then confirmed the doctors suspicions of a GDV – Gastric Dilation Volvulus. Owners elected for surgery to correct the twisted stomach and Daisy did very well throughout the surgery and recovery. Daisy was on IV pain medications as well as antibiotics and as soon as she was able to eat and drink after her surgery we switched her to oral medications. Since her emergency surgery Daisy has been doing amazingly at home with her family.


Please welcome Solas.

A sweet 7 years old Irish Setter boy. Last summer he started having explosive diarrhea, his caring mom took him to a few veterinary clinics in Ottawa and had many diagnostic testing’s done but his condition didn’t improve. He lost almost 15 pounds of his weight. His mom then brought him to our clinic. We had him hospitalized for supportive care and we found what was wrong with him.

Solas was diagnosed with a condition known as Exocrine Pancreatic Deficiency, this disease leads to poor digestion of food and results in diarrhea and weight loss.

We started him on oral supplements of the pancreatic enzymes and Solas had his first solid bowel movement after many weeks of diarrhea. He started gaining his weight back and now he is completely back to his normal self and is doing great!

Photos show him during his hospitalization and treatment, then a recent photo while he was visiting the hospital to get weight check and say hello to our staff.

We were so excited to see him again and were so happy that he looked healthy and happy again! 

Thanks to his mom that went above and beyond and never gave up on him, we are so happy we could help this sweet boy feel good again.


Meet Milo. Milo is a 2 years old sweetheart German Shepherd. He presented to our clinic on a Sunday afternoon to be treated for a bloat AKA Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus (GDV). The X-rays attached show stomach bloat.

Bloat is a life threatening emergency in dogs that starts sudden and develops very quick and could lead to serious complications. Thanks to his mom who noticed signs and brought him in immediately.

All necessary diagnostics done and intensive care started and Dr. Ammar successfully performed the bloat correction surgery.  Milo did very well and recovered nicely

You see him here 10 days after his surgery healed and is back to normal self.



Lexy is a 9 years’ old Pomeranian girl. Her awesome owner rescued her as many other dogs and has been happily living with her mom and dad

Her caring mom brought her in for an assessment of general health and dental exam.

Lexy had a full dental X-rays and cleaning. No extraction needed and she went home same day happy normal friendly self

You can see her shiny teeth during her cleaning procedure.


Ralph is a sweet 5 years old domestic longhair cat. His owners are taking a great care of him and wanted him to enjoy nice healthy teeth with shiny smiles

They brought him in and after complete examination and dental X-rays, Ralph had his teeth cleaned and no extractions needed. He went home same day with his awesome owners to enjoy many coming years of healthy happy life

You can see his beautiful teeth photos taken during his dental cleaning procedure.


Eula is a 9 years old sweet lab mix girl that had an emergency few weeks ago when her owner noticed she was having hard time passing urine and seemed un comfort. She means a lot to her caring owner so he brought her in immediately to our clinic. Upon examination and X-rays we found that Eula had multiple urinary bladder stones one of which was blocking her urethra and she couldn’t pass urine. Emergency care started immediately to release the obstruction and she was started on supportive care and medicine and necessary diagnostics performed. We performed urinary bladder surgery and removed all her stones and she went home happy normal self again. You will see her in this smiling photo 10 days’ post surgery during her follow up recheck visit. She is enjoying her new diet to avoid stones formation in the future. We thanked her owner for his care and immediate action and love


Wesley is a super affectionate 4 years old boy. He was brought to our clinic by his nice owners after they noticed he was having difficulty urinating. Upon exam, he was found to be blocked. We had the pleasure to cuddle with him at our clinic for 2 days while he was receiving his intravenous care until he went back to normal self and was discharged to his family’s care again. He loves his new diet and we wish him a long happy healthy life


A sweet 8 years old cocker spaniel boy that was seen last month as an emergency after his caring family noticed he was not himself

We immediately started emergency assessment and necessary diagnostics. Pekoe had to stay at our hospital for 2 days during which he received intravenous supportive care and medicine

Pekoe responded nicely and has become his normal sweet self and went back to join his caring family

Here he is during his recheck visit

Anastasia (Ana)

Anastasia (AKA Ana) was presented to our clinic for signs of un comfort as pain, crying at night, lack of appetite and energy. Her head was tilted and she was not happy at home. Her worried mom brought her in where we performed our exam and necessary diagnostics. Ana was treated for inner ear infection and after few follow up rechecks, Ana is now happy normal self again and all her signs resolved.

Here you find her Happy during her last recheck appointment!

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