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Eagleson Veterinary Clinic's Quick In-House Diagnostics: Complete Care for Your Pets

In-House Diagnositics

At Eagleson Veterinary Clinic, giving pets the best care possible starts with prompt and accurate diagnostic services. We can rapidly recognize and treat health issues with X-rays, blood, urine, and another in-house diagnostic testing. We’ll review our diagnostic procedure, the advantages of these tests, and several instances in medicine where they might need.

How It Works

Our treatment room is directly next to our in-house short diagnostics lab, allowing us to offer prompt, thorough care. The jugular, cephalic, or hind leg veins can collect blood samples, while the free catch, a walk, or a no-sorb litter box can collect urine samples. A procedure known as cystocentesis will be performed if neither option works. Our ultrasound technology detects the bladder during this process, and a syringe is used to get a urine sample.

After collecting the samples, they are processed in our on-site laboratory by knowledgeable professionals. Our physicians will assess the findings following the testing and counsel your pet on the best action.

Benefits and examples of X-rays, urine tests, and blood tests:

  1. Blood tests: These examinations can detail your pet’s immune system, organ health, and general condition. They can help diagnose conditions like diabetes, renal and liver disease, infections, and anemia.
  2. Urine tests: Urinalysis offers essential information on the metabolic and endocrine health of your pet’s kidney and bladder. Dehydration, diabetes, renal illness, and urinary tract infections can all be found using this test.
  3. X-rays: Radiography, a minimally invasive imaging method, lets vets look at your pet’s internal organs, bones, and other tissues. X-rays can identify fractures, tumours, heart and lung conditions, and digestive disorders, including blockages or foreign objects.

Fast internal tests at Eagleson Veterinary Clinic guarantee precise and effective pet care. We can immediately spot health issues and provide your cherished pet with the finest treatment choices by providing blood testing, urine tests, and X-rays on-site. Count on our knowledgeable staff to provide your pet with the thorough care they deserve.