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Eagleson Veterinary Clinic's Overnight Care: Ensuring Your Pets' Optimum Recovery


At Eagleson Veterinary Clinic, we know that some animals may benefit from hospitalization or overnight treatment for the best results. Our devoted crew is committed to giving your dogs round-the-clock care in times of need. We’ll explore why hospitalization might be the best option in some circumstances and how we admit, treat, and release pets requiring overnight care.

Why is it necessary?

Hospitalization at Eagleson Veterinary Clinic provides an ideal environment for animals dealing with life-threatening or possibly life-threatening problems. Our knowledgeable staff continuously monitors and looks after your pet, ensuring immediate treatment and the best possible recovery. A few situations that could necessitate hospitalization include:

  • Severe illness or infection requiring intravenous medication or fluids
  • Post-operative care for complex surgeries
  • Monitoring for pets with life-threatening conditions
  • Treatment of acute pain or distress

What to Expect

Our overnight care procedure comprises:

  • Exam: A thorough examination is performed to evaluate your pet’s health and establish whether hospitalization is necessary.
  • Treatment Estimate: Our veterinarian offers an estimate outlining the course of action and related expenses.
  • Payment: If you accept the estimate, we must get the total price before continuing treatment.
  • Overnight Care: Our knowledgeable staff continuously monitors and looks after your pet while they are with us.
  • Daily Updates: You will get a call in the morning with an update on the health and development of your pet.
  • Discharge: When your pet is ready to go home, we’ll provide you thorough instructions on how to care for them at home and administer any necessary medications. We will credit the difference to the same card if the final invoice exceeds the estimate.
  • Follow-up: Depending on your pet’s circumstances, scheduling a recheck appointment may be suggested in the upcoming weeks to track their development and ensure that at-home treatment is working.

The overnight care provided by Eagleson Veterinary Clinic ensures that animals in dire circumstances receive the care and attention necessary for a full recovery. Clear communication, seamless treatment, and ongoing assistance for your pet’s well-being are all guaranteed by our thorough process. Count on our devoted team to give your cherished pet the best care possible when they require it.