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At Eagleson Veterinary Clinic, our experienced team performs a wide variety of surgical procedures on pets. Here is a list of surgeries that can be performed at our clinic:

Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus also known as Bloat: Is a life-threatening emergency, we perform the correcting surgery and all necessary diagnostics and follow up care

Cruciate Ligament Repair: repairing dogs or cats with a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)

Patellar Luxation Repair: repairing dogs or cats with a luxating patella (dislocating knee-cap)

Femoral Head Ostectomies: repairing dogs and cats with a diseased hip joint.

Dental and Oral Surgery: tooth extractions, oral fracture repair, and routine dental cleaning/polishing

Declawing for Cats: using extensive pre and post-op pain control for cats including injectable pain control medications, local anesthetic nerve blocks, and post-operative pain medication (including pain medication to take home) will make your cat as “pain-free” as possible during the recovery period.

Soft tissue surgeries: spay and neuter, abdominal explore surgeries to remove foreign objects or masses, enucleation (eye removal), cystotomy (removal of bladder stones), abscess treatment and skin biopsy for diagnosis of skin pathologies.


Pets with mild illness will be treated at their comfortable homes and follow-ups will be performed by our staff until complete recovery. It is not uncommon that sick pets will need to be hospitalized to provide them with intensive care and monitoring by our staff until complete recovery achieved. Our new built facility offers clean, fully ventilated wards and kennels to hotel pets in need for care and provide continuous treatment and monitoring at all times until they are fully cured and discharged to their family’s care. During their stay, all necessary diagnostics and monitoring will be used along with well designed medical management plan to achieve the highest their efforts to help save and cure pets.


When necessary, our newly built clinic maintains an isolated area with full clean air cycle to hospitalize sick pets to avoid spread of any infectious disease until they are cured and able to join their families back. Our well-trained staff always implement isolation and sterilization protocol.

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