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Our vet clinic offers round-the-clock pet emergency care in Kanata, ensuring your beloved companion is in the best hands when they need it most. Call us now!

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You can rely on our vet clinic to give your pet dependable, critical care. Contact our devoted staff now, and let us help you maintain your pet’s happiness and health.

Welcome to our Kanata Vet Clinic

Welcome to Eagleson Veterinary Clinic, proudly providing emergency treatment 24/7 to Kanata's cats and dogs. We are dedicated to offering the best standards in veterinary medicine as an AAHA and CVO-recognised facility. We kindly encourage you to discover more about our devoted and compassionate staff and how we can support the welfare of your beloved pets.

Services Tailored to Your Pets' Needs

From our Wellness Clinic's preventative care to our Medical Clinic's in-house diagnostics, orthopedic surgeries, and 24/7 emergency treatments, we provide various services catered to your pet's specific requirements. See how our vet clinic can support the health and welfare of your cherished pets.

Emergency Care

You may feel comfortable knowing that your pet will receive adequate treatment when matters become urgent, thanks to our 24-hour emergency care.

Diagnosis Performed In-Hospital

Our clinic is equipt with high-quality diagnostic equipment. We use blood testing, urine tests, and X-rays to identify and treat your pet's health concerns promptly.


We give pets who need more than 24 hours of medical care continuous, attentive care, ensuring their comfort and the best result.

Orthopedic Surgeries

Under Dr. Ammar's leadership, our skilled staff offers a range of orthopedic treatments to address bone and joint problems, helping your pet recover mobility and a pain-free living.

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Preventive Care

Preventive care is an excellent approach to preserving your pet's health. We provide various preventative services, including yearly checkups and vaccinations.

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Sterilization helps your pet live a happier life by lowering health risks and modifying behaviour.

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Directions: 46-500 Eagleson Rd, Kanata, ON K2M 1H4

Phone: (613) 383-8381

Email: eaglesonvc@gmail.com

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