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We at Eagleson Veterinary Clinic love providing thorough and caring treatment for your beloved pets. Our knowledgeable staff offers various services to meet your pet's unique requirements. We take pride in welcoming new clients, providing same-day booking time slots, and providing emergency treatment around-the-clock. The two primary categories of services we provide are at our medical and wellness facilities.

Open 24 Hours Everyday

Medical Clinic

Every day of the week, our veterinary clinic is open. When you need us the most, it’s simple to locate the clinic because it’s conveniently located in our main central unit and proudly sports an illuminated “Emergency” sign over the entrance door.

Our veterinarian clinic offers trustworthy, efficient care for animals with medical issues. You can schedule a same-day appointment by calling us within regular business hours, 8 am – 8 pm. To have your pet inspected late at night, contact us after 10 pm for assistance from our expert overnight veterinarian.

Call our facility and speak with a representative. We will schedule an appointment and guide you through the process.

In-house Diagnosis

We can swiftly and precisely determine the source of your pet’s condition using cutting-edge diagnostic devices such as X-ray, blood, and urine analysis technologies, assuring rapid, effective treatment.

Surgical Units

Our comprehensive surgical facility is ready to handle various operations, guaranteeing your pet’s safety and comfort during its treatment.

Overnight Care

We provide skilled overnight care for animals needing intensive observation and care while recovering.

Orthopedic Exams and Surgeries

Dr. Ammar is a knowledgeable veterinarian with experience identifying and treating various orthopedic issues. If required, he will conduct surgery to help your pet regain mobility and comfort.

Ultrasound Studies

With the least amount of invasiveness possible, our advanced ultrasound equipment enables us to check your pet’s interior organs, diagnose problems, and immediate treatment approaches.


Our dental services include supplements, cleanings, extractions, and dental exams to preserve your pet’s oral health and avert problems like gum disease and tooth decay.

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After-Care Services

To help you honour and remember your cherished pet, we offer caring and respectful afterlife services.

Open Weekdays from 9 am – 8 pm

Wellness Clinic

Are you seeking continuous treatment to keep your pet healthy and happy? The ideal solution is our Wellness Clinic at Eagleson Veterinary Clinic. Our doctors are committed to offering comprehensive preventative and routine services, ensuring your pet gets the finest care possible.

Our Wellness Clinic is a few units away from our main building and meets the specific requirements of each pet. Call during regular business hours to make an appointment, and we can schedule it for a day in the upcoming weeks.

Selecting our Wellness Clinic will ensure your pet receives thorough and dependable treatment that keeps them happy and healthy.

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Preventive Care

To keep your pet healthy, we provide a variety of preventative care treatments, like as immunisations, parasite control, and wellness exams.

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We provide spay and neuter services to prevent unexpected litter and possible long-term health issues.

Nutrition Guide

Our experts offer personalized nutrition recommendations to ensure your pet eats a balanced and appropriate diet. We take into counting their age, breed, and lifestyle.