Our Services

Our Vet Services

From our Wellness Clinic’s preventative care to our Medical Clinic’s in-house diagnostics, orthopedic surgeries, and 24/7 emergency treatments, we provide various services catered to your pet’s specific requirements. See how our vet clinic can support the health and welfare of your cherished pets.

Emergency Care

Offering compassionate 24/7 emergency veterinary care for critical pet needs when it matters most.

Preventive Care

Tailored wellness exams, vaccinations, nutrition plans and deworming for a happier, healthier pet life.


Expert cleaning, check-ups, and oral health maintenance services available.

In-Hospital Diagnosis

Quick, accurate pet X-rays and blood work with compassionate veterinary care.


Comprehensive examinations and advanced surgical treatments to help your pet regain mobility and enhance their quality of life.


Responsible pet care with safe, tailored spay and neuter services to ensure your pet’s health and well-being.

Surgical Units

Offering a suite of surgical options, our Ottawa clinic ensures your pet’s health with experienced care and advanced technology.


Ensuring non-invasive, precise internal assessments for your pet’s health and comfort.

No more time to waste! Call Eagleson Veterinary Clinic immediately if your pet needs critical
treatment. Your cherished pet will get the professional guidance and rapid assistance they require since we welcome new patients daily. Get in touch with us for immediate care.

Critical Services

We provide a wide range of emergency services for your dogs at Eagleson Veterinary Clinic. Our cutting-edge facility performs in-house diagnostics, including X-rays, urine testing, blood work, and other procedures, guaranteeing precise and timely findings. A wide range of emergency treatments, including orthopedic surgeries, C-sections, and exploratory surgeries for the removal of foreign bodies, may be handled by our cutting-edge surgical unit. We offer dedicated overnight care for instances that require ongoing medical treatment for more than 24 hours, putting the welfare of your treasured pets first.


Even after an emergency, we remain dedicated to your pet’s welfare. A representative from our reliable follow-up care will contact you 24 hours after your pet’s discharge to check on how they are doing. We can arrange a recheck checkup with one of our knowledgeable veterinarians at a discounted rate if your pet’s problem is unresolved after 14 days of at-home therapy. This all-encompassing strategy guarantees the best possible
assistance and care, assisting your pet in fully recovering.


We are aware that veterinary expenses for pets can be expensive. Although we don’t provide payment plans, we suggest looking at iFinance: PetCard for help if the money is tight. An independent business called PetCard offers support to pet owners in case of unanticipated medical problems. We require a deposit for daytime appointments, subtracted from the total bill after discharge. Our vets offer an estimate in serious situations that call for overnight stays, and the whole sum is due before hospitalization treatment can start. In addition, pet insurance plans like Trupanion and OVMA Pet Insurance may prove to be crucial financial aid in times of need.

Alternative Emergency Facilities

Even with the help of our emergency care services, we frequently have significant wait times for late-night treatment during our peak hours at 10 pm, and our reservation seats fill up throughout the day. Alternative veterinary emergency hospitals that could help you are listed. Call them to see if they are available and review your pet’s requirements.

Ottawa Animal Emergency & Specialty Hospital
VCA Alta Vista Animal Hospital
Capital City Specialty & Emergency Animal Hospital
Centre Vétérinaire Montréal